The Art of Travel – from ‘De Maistre’ to ‘Nietzsche’



the book – ‘The Art of Travel’ by Alain De Botton

Well, at first I didn’t understand why his books are so popular (in Korea also), but now yes, same here..I cannot resist his books even if some of the topics are challenging (I mean it needs lots of  knowledge, from philosophy to art, hisory..etc). It feels like this would somehow enrich or improve my life (as is written at the cover page of this book^^) after covering the last page of the book.

So many phrases that I couldn’t agree more..including below.


And yet De Maistre’s work springs from a profound and suggestive insight : that the pleasure we drive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which  we travel than on the destination we travel to. If only we could apply a travelling mindset to our own locales, we might find these places becoming no less interesting than the high mountain passes and butterfly-filled jungles of Humboldt’s South America. (p.246)


Eight decades later, Nietzsche, who had read and admired De Maistre ( and spent much time in his room), picked up on the thought :

When we observe how some people know how to manage their experiences – their insignificant, everyday experiences – so that they become an arable soil that bears fruit three times a year, while others – and how many there are! — are driven through surging waves of destiny, the most multifarious currents of the times and the nations, and yet always remain on top, bobbing like a cork: then we are at the end tempted to divide mankind into a minority (a minimality) of those who know how to make much of little, and a majority of those who know how to make little of much. (p.253)

Guess I will be reading another works of him soon again.


at Titisee, Germany


IMG_9277 IMG_9288 IMG_9297 IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9344 IMG_9346 IMG_9366 IMG_9402 IMG_9408

The small lake town in German territory where we dropped by one night on our way from Stein Am Rhein, Switzerland to Freiburg, Germany.

The lake is not big, surrounded by the Black Forest which was very similar to what I have  seen in my dream from long ago(Maybe that’s why I felt very familiar to this place personally).

Most of the pictures above was taken from on the peddle boat which was not expensive and yet romantic enough~^^

at Stein am Rhein, Switzerland


IMG_9032 IMG_9041 IMG_9044 IMG_9060 IMG_9062 IMG_9073 IMG_9090 IMG_9101 IMG_9103 IMG_9131 IMG_9149 IMG_9152 IMG_9154 IMG_9155 IMG_9160 IMG_9169 IMG_9185 IMG_9191 IMG_9194 IMG_9199 IMG_9200 IMG_9205 IMG_9210 IMG_9219 IMG_9221 IMG_9230 IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9250 IMG_9256

What a gem city it is! We arrived there at quite late- almost near the sunset. Nevertheless, this valuable Middle Age city haven’t lost it’s brilliance at all which I  can hardly believe how it has kept from such long and dark Ages.

Surely, the most beautiful Medieval European city I’ve ever visited (maybe because of the Rhein River?) Anyway I want to revisit there again- at day time next^^

at Schaffhausen, Switzerland


IMG_8807 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8821 IMG_8852 IMG_8888 IMG_8907 IMG_8939 IMG_8948 IMG_8952_2 IMG_8971 IMG_8992 IMG_9001 IMG_9009


Schaffhausen is medival city in northern Switzerland near Rhine Falls.
There are some old buildings with impressive frescos in the old portion of the city-Altstadt
As the other city of Middle Age in Europe, it also has wonderful scenery over the hills, over the old canton fortress, the Munot.
The city is small but the impression I got from it was big enough^^


Gravity 4D – the movie of totally higher dimension






Wow~ It was great experience-literally and really different dimension.

I like every factor of this movie. Not only the cutting-edge technical effects, the story line is intriguing and quite realistic.

Besides, the polished performance of the two consummate actress and actor (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, actually the only actor and actress^^) made this movie more outstanding.

I think If the film “Avatar” in 2009 have opened the new era of 3D movie world which this one have upgraded to a higher level after 5 years since,

Well, I recommend to watch this film specially in 4D version by which you can get all the advantages of this amazing works of technology^^